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SoFi Stadium

Honor Award • Whole Building • Design Team: Lam Partners More

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How to Keep Skies Dark at Night

Light pollution persists worldwide, but recent industry initiatives coupled with... More

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Does Circadian Lighting Work?

Lighting manufacturers are offering systems allegedly attuned with our circadian... More

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New Technologies in Architectural Lighting for Designers

Seven leaders reveal the impact that the digital revolution has—or has not—had on... More

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Studioi Joins Lam Partners

The merger of the two lighting design firms allows "the similarity of [their]... More

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The Boston Public Library's Johnson Building Is Infused With New Life

After decades of decline, the Boston Public Library’s bright and renovated Johnson... More

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Lighting Designers Help Cover the Solar Eclipse

Monday's eclipse allowed people across the United States, including lighting... More

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Paul L. Foster Campus for Business and Innovation's Award-Winning Daylighting

Baylor University's new business school building lights its new building with the... More

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New Practice Paradigms

A new generation of lighting designers is daring to reimagine the structure of... More

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