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Q+A: Autodesk's Sustainability Lead Explains How Data Shapes Cities

Project stakeholders should be more selective about the data they use to inform their design, says Emma Stewart, head of sustainability solutions at Autodesk. More

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Meet the Harvard Graduate School of Design Loeb Fellows

Next week is your chance to meet the 2014 class of Loeb Fellows, a group of design... More

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Utilities Try Time-of-Day Rates to Curb Costs … and Use?

Offering rate options benefits the grid and the customer. More

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Moen M-Power Faucets

M-Power faucets from Moen feature a motion sensor that starts and stops the flow of water. More

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Light Matters

One of the fundamental services that lighting consultants provide is to optimize the interplay between light and material. More

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Harnessing the Wind

An energy-efficient structure, which is defined as using 50 percent less energy than a building built to the International Energy Conservation Code 2008, is the first logical step toward reducing our buildings’ carbon footprints. When applying renewable-energy systems, or RES, to energy-efficient buildings, these systems can be a net-positive-energy generator. More

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A Glass Conservatory Redefines Nature Appreciation

2008 Evergreen Awards: First Place Winner. Although green-building practices have... More

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Power 150/22

This high-performance product line exceeds the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) standards for photoluminescent safety markings. The ASTM code requires the product to emit luminance values of 20 millicandela per meter (mcd/m) after 10 minutes in the dark, and 2.8 mcd/m after 60 minutes. Permalight reports that Power 150/22 emits 150 mcd/mafter 10 minutes and 20 mcd/m after 60 minutes. Products include aluminum-backed stair brackets, stair nosing, anti-slide floor inserts, ISO-safety signs, exit signs, and low-location wall markings. More


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