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NEMA Q1 2015 Lighting Indices

A breakdown of the latest economic reports reveal mixed results for the lighting... More

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NEMA: How the Lighting Industry Fared in 2014

A breakdown of the lighting indices from the National Electrical Manufacturers... More

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National Lighting Bureau's High-Benefit Lighting Awards
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Lewis Re-elected to NLB

Howard P. Lewis has been re-elected chair of the National Lighting Bureau (NLB). He represents the Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) at the Bureau, which was founded in 1976 and is an independent, not-for-profit, lighting-education organization sponsored by professional societies, trade associations, manufacturers, utilities, and agencies of the U.S. government. More

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T12 Ballast Changes Set the Stage for Upgrades

If a lighting specifier thinks about the equipment and maintenance needed for a project, lamp and ballast selection is probably one of the most important ³lighting infrastructure² decisions that he or she can make. And yet, a report by the National Lighting Bureau (NLB), a nonprofit independent lighting information source, said sales of T12 lamps are still quite strong, accounting for 30 percent of all 4-foot-length fluorescent sales. More

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