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What Architects Need to Know About IECC 2021

Learn about the energy efficiency requirements in the forthcoming International... More

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Vision 2020: Focus on the Outcome, Not Just the Design

Expanding our range of expected outcomes from high-performance buildings is key to meeting aggressive environmental goals. More

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VIDEO: Where are Green Building Codes Going?

We must start addressing operational performance to meet sustainability goals on a large scale, says Mark Frankel of the New Buildings Institute. More

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Why We Need Better Data

Vision 2020 chair Mark Frankel explains the need for more concrete performance data and fewer fuzzy labels. More

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Shaky Foundation: Why the U.S. Lags Behind in Building Science Research

Energy efficiency is the next frontier of design and construction, but due to underinvestment and the lack of a national agenda, America isn't leading the way to high performance building. More

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