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Morning News Roundup: Jan. 6, 2015

A large concrete chunk came off of the year-old Library and Learning Center at Vienna University, The New Yorker profiles Renzo Piano, NPR predicts housing trends for 2015, and more news to start your day. More

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From The New Yorker: Saving Buildings with Social Media

Social media has changed the organization and distribution of political protest, and it can do the same for architectural dissent. More

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Morning News Roundup: 'Poppies' Installed at Tower of London

A dramatic installation at the Tower of London, the grand opening of the Aspen Art... More

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Inga Saffron Wins 2014 Pulitzer Prize for Criticism

The Philadelphia Inquirer architecture critic wins the Pulitzer Prize for... More

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Paul Goldberger Praises New Barnes Foundation Building

Art patrons can no longer view Dr. Albert C. Barnes’s art collection in the Philadelphia Barnes Foundation, Paul Goldberger writes in Vanity Fair with a hint of nostalgia. But, he says, the collection’s new home may prove even better than its former residence. More

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Paul Goldberger Leaves 'The New Yorker' for 'Vanity Fair'

Paul Goldberger, the architecture critic for The New Yorker, is leaving for a post at Vanity Fair. More

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Clay Risen on architecture critic Ada Louise Huxtable

Ada Louise Huxtable may so good that she has ruined architecture criticism. More

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