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"Fasten your seat belts, because things happen very quickly. One of the biggest mistakes people make is to hold onto staff when you don't have the work. Because of the diversity of our projects, we didn't really feel the last two downturns, but combined w More

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Many architects start out building beach houses and move on to larger, more complex projects. Suman Sorg, who founded Sorg and Associates in 1986, took the opposite route. Her passion has been institutional and public projects, not custom homes. But if the best architecture comes from an intimate understanding of culture, climate, and environment, Sorg is uniquely equipped to design a wide variety of projects. More

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van sweden residence, sherwood, md.

When Suman Sorg began designing a country retreat for a noted landscape architect, she focused on garden walls: "They're full of mystery, since you can't see what's behind them, and over time they turn into living, vertical gardens themselves." More

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