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Designs On Health: New Research Reveals the Link Between Design and Public Health

New research from the AIA, AIAF, and the ACSA advances design and public health's alignment. More

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Not a Dollhouse

A net-zero playhouse is serious about the environment. More

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Industrial Revolution

Looking at the final results, it’s hard to believe that more than 75 percent of the exterior structure was saved in this renovation of an industrial building. While architecturally dramatic, the transformation is equally impressive for its emphasis on sustainability. More

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Campus Lighting Retrofit Forum

Registration for the 2009 Campus Lighting Retrofit Forum is now open. Co?hosted by the California Lighting Technology Center (CLTC), UC Davis, and UC Irvine, the forum is intended for facility and energy managers, engineers, and sustainability experts on issues relating to energy-saving lighting technologies for campuses. More

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Las Vegas Seeks LEED Certification

Green building arrived in Las Vegas last May with an explosion of the first order. More

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back to school

At the 2002 Pacific Coast Builders' Conference (PCBC) Gold Nugget awards, a very happy 69-year-old architect kept trotting up to the stage to pick up one Lucite-encased hunk of "gold" after another. More

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masters of the suburbs

This group of pioneering architects (and more you'll meet soon) transformed Orange, County, Calif., into a laboratory for the American house. More

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