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Goodyear Global Headquarters: Where the Rubber Meets the Road to Innovation

To reimagine Goodyear’s corporate headquarters, in Akron, Ohio, Gensler and Vocon... More

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181 Fremont: A Skyscraper Poised for the Big One

Dive into this interactive feature exploring the design and realization of San Francisco's third tallest tower, which sets new precedents in resilience, sustainability, and urban development. More

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System Provides Fire Barrier

The Impasse Curtain Wall Insulation System from Thermafiber provides a fire-protective barrier between the fire source and the curtainwall. More

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Mineral Wool Insulation by Thermafiber

Thermafiber mineral wool insulation is made with up to 90% post-industrial recycled content. It exceeds the California purchase specifications for total volatile organic compounds and general emissions with formaldehyde concentrations of 12 ppb, exceeding the California standard of 20 ppb maximum for formaldehyde concentration. Thermafiber can provide high sound-transmission coefficients that improve indoor environmental quality. The product also offers fire resistance of more than 2,000 degrees F for more than five hours, the maker says. 888.834.2371. More

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Insulation Products

When it comes to green building products, insulation stands out as a natural fit. After all, one of the main tenets of green building is increasing energy efficiency, and long before being green was in vogue, that's always been insulation's primary purpose. Now, with the rush toward all things green in the home building industry, insulation is one of the first categories builders look to when setting out to construct an environmentally friendly home. More

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