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This Week in Tech: Spirulina's Potential As a 'Mini' Power Plant

Plus, exploring materials with a lenticular lens, researchers from Harvard SEAS... More

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Week in Tech: Lasers for Assessing Earthquake Damage and Lasers for Clean Water

Plus, ultra-white paint that could reduce cooling costs and carbon emissions, MIT... More

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Besler & Sons

The partners of Los Angeles-based design firm Besler & Sons find that working... More

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Heather Roberge's Los Angeles-based practice fuses academic research with practice. More

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Sean Anderson Named Associate Curator in MoMA’s Department of Architecture and Design

The New York modern art institution designated the educator and practicing... More

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Overheard at ACADIA: The Future of Architecture, Design, and Fabrication Lies in Computers

Technology leaders at the 34th annual Association for Computer Aided Design in Architecture conference see programming, software development, and engineering as integral to next-gen architecture. More

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Next Progressives: PAR Uses Competitions to Build Relationships

Los Angeles firm Platform for Architecture + Research sees competitions as vehicles for building working relationships, regardless of their outcomes. More

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What Would a Home Designed Around Use Look Like?

A UCLA study of 32 LA families finds homes could be made more space efficient, and most likely smaller. More

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Scientists Develop Stretchable OLEDs

The technology has potential applications in wearable and foldable electronic devices. More

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