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This Week in Tech: UNStudio Launches Tech Startup For Developing Smart Cities

Plus, wood insulation that is 30 times stronger than synthetic options, less... More

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Bacteria-Activated Wallpaper that Generates Electricity

U.K. researchers printed microorganisms onto paper to create a wall finish as well... More

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This Week in Tech: Vibranium Hyperloop Passenger Pods

Plus, Dubai's plans for a simulated Martian city, evaporation-harvested energy,... More

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Light Can Heal Perovskite Solar Cells

Researchers found that certain levels of light and humidity exposure can... More

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Researchers Discover a Biocompatible, Conductive Protein

Found in the skin of the common pencil squid, the protein could be used to improve... More

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University of Cambridge Scientists Discover Mechanical Gears in Nature

A little European insect reminds us that even our most original ideas probably lurk somewhere in nature. More

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