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Could Wood Replace Our Need for Wires?

Columnist Blaine Brownell examines the latest research on "functionalized" wood... More

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Week in Tech: Glowing Windows That Generate Power

Plus, a startup in Kenya turns plastic into building materials, the glazing... More

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The Winners of the 2019 Studio Prize

This year's jury selected six studios that represent the some of the best... More

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Studio Prize: Bridging the Gap Studio

This advanced studio from the University of Maryland's School of Architecture,... More

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AIA Announces Four Upjohn Research Initiative Grant Recipients

The awardees will receive up to $30,000 to study projects that will advance the... More

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This Week in Tech: Top Stories from 2018

Ten short reads from ARCHITECT's weekly series, which covers and curates design... More

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This Week in Tech: UNStudio Launches Tech Startup For Developing Smart Cities

Plus, wood insulation that is 30 times stronger than synthetic options, less... More

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This Week in Tech: Super Wood that Could Replace Steel

Plus, graphene sheets that can seamlessly switch between insulating and conducting... More

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Solar Decathlon Preview: UMD Integrates Native American Ideals

The ‘reACT’ home is a prototype of sustainable, self-sufficient housing for Native... More

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