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CarbonPositive: Can We Halve Carbon in the Built Environment?

Kelly Alvarez Doran, senior director of sustainability and regenerative design at... More

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The Winners of the 2018 Studio Prize

The jury selected six studios from the U.S. and Canada as some of the best... More

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Sloan Award: Coding Flux: In Pursuit of Resilient Urbanism in South Florida

This graduate-level studio at the University of Toronto looked at how we can... More

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The Winners of The 2017 Studio Prize

Our jury selected these six studios as some of the most compelling in U.S.... More

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Sloan Award: Toronto Ravine Re-Create

A University of Toronto master's studio in landscape architecture, urban design,... More

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Microfluidic Glazing Cools Like Animal Skin

A team of scientists is attempting to emulate the circulation-based heat transfer approach of some animals with a newly designed window. More

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