Buckminster Fuller

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2022 Edward C. Kemper Award: Bob Berkebile

"We forget that our designs either enhance the vitality and resilience of nature... More

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Contemporary Glass: An Instrument of Light, Shadow, and Reflection

Blaine Brownell reviews "Blurred Transparencies in Contemporary Glass Architecture... More

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Rethinking Architectural History

A new generation of architectural historians are disrupting the canon through the... More

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Amazon’s Seattle Spheres and the Evolution of the Architectural Biosphere

Blaine Brownell outlines the history of conservatory architecture and how NBBJ... More

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A New Material That is Harder Than Diamonds

Researchers at the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology have discovered an... More

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The Restoration of Buckminster Fuller's Dome Home Kicks Off Saturday

The project's first phase will focus on the exterior and geometry of the geodesic dome in Carbondale, Ill. More

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The Eight Best Architecture and Design Books of 2013

Eight critics weigh in on the best books about architecture and design from 2013. More

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The Millennials: Children of the Revolution

They’re the most studied generation in world history. They’re a total mystery to their elders. And they’re ready to take on a profession wracked by change. What will the rise of the Millennials mean for architecture? More

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Fuller Remixed in Hong Kong

Architects Kristof Crolla and Adam Fingrut of the Laboratory of Explorative... More

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