James Corner

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Shelby Farms Park

James Corner Field Operations, Marlon Blackwell Architects More

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Inside Icebergs by James Corner Field Operations

Founder James Corner and senior associate Isabel Castilla explain the concept... More

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Next Progressives: CAZA

With offices in New York and the Philippines, CAZA brings a global perspective and academic background to design. More

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James Corner Field Operations Picked to Design Presidio Parklands

The New York City firm was selected to create a 13-acre park with views of San Francisco's iconic Golden Gate Bridge. More

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High Line Phase Two

Produced for the July 2011 Issue of Architect Magazine by Arbuckle Industries. Produced and Directed by Ian Harris and David KrantzEdited by Jesse GarrisonMusic by Balto SequoiaProduction Assisted by Marco Monti More

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Water World

How cities will adapt to the emergent threats of climate change—extreme storms, flooding, and rising sea levels. More

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