Joseph Lstiburek

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Product Category Review: Building Wraps

Weather, vapor, and air barriers protect buildings and their occupants—but when should each be used? More

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Revisiting EIFS, the Once-Maligned Cladding System that May Help Architects Meet New Energy Codes

EIFS became known as a lawsuit magnet in the 1990s. But with new energy codes for commercial buildings imminent, is the cladding system poised for a comeback? More

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Building America Meeting Touches on Ventilation/Insulation Debate

Conference speakers discuss how to avoid doing harm with high-performance enclosures. More

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rainscreens: a not-so-new way to install your siding

is there a better way to clad your homes? More

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Edward Mazria Wins The Hanley Award for Vision and Leadership in Sustainable Housing

A pioneering passive-solar researcher, architect, author, and professor, Edward Mazria's impact can be felt in the design of our homes and in the steps we take to combat climate change. More

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