Leo Marmol

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Product Design: Marmol-Radziner Jewelry

Designing an upscale L.A. jewelry store inspired Marmol-Radziner to create its own pieces. More

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Revisiting Modern Prefab

A look at modern prefab housing, post-boom. More

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ra50: Marmol Radziner

Marmol Radziner takes the rigor and inventiveness of its designs all the way through to construction. More

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ra50 Architects Dish on the Best and Worst Aspects of the Profession

ra50 architects tell us what they like best?and least?about practicing in their chosen field. More

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High-End Prefab Home Purveyor Launches More Affordable Collection

Marmol Radziner says new Locomo modular line will have fewer bells and whistles. More

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right to the end

Marmol and Radziner refine the art and craft of design/build. The two of them thrive on interaction—with clients, with colleagues, with the public, and with their own staff. Which works out well, because running perhaps the most sophisticated residential design/build firm in the country leaves little time for solitary pursuits. More

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