Lesley Wheel

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Establishment of the IALD

The profession's first formal organization to represent the interests of lighting... More

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Women in Lighting Design

Elizabeth Donoff examines the role of women past, present, and future More

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Hall of Fame 2001

During the course of both our personal and professional lives, we are given chances to create change, to provide opportunity-or sometimes to leave a legacy. Often, it is not some monumental feat or intricate undertaking that impacts those around us, but rather something quite simple-positive attitude, passion for what you believe, love for what you do-that touches the lives of others. More

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2001 Hall of fame: Lesley Wheel

A German major in college, lighting designer Lesley Wheel had once aspired to a... More

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Industry Greats Lesley Wheel and Edward Zubler Pass Away

lesley wheel, 1929 – 2004 More

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Wheel, In Memory

Lesley Wheel, 1929 - 2004: 'It took me eight years in theater to find out where I belonged, but once I got started in architecture, I knew that I was in the right place,' said Lesley Wheel in a March 2001 interview with A|L. More


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