Phil Bernstein

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The End of the Data Rainbow

In his final post on project delivery in the AECO sector, Phil Bernstein envisions... More

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Moving the Building Industry to Alignment

In his fourth post examining the inefficiencies of project delivery in the AECO... More

Posted on
The Roots of Misalignment

In his third post analyzing project delivery, Phil Bernstein discusses its tenuous... More

Posted on
Inhibitors of Trust

In his second post examining inefficiencies in project delivery, Phil Bernstein... More

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Transactional Incompatibility

Kicking off a new series of articles, Phil Bernstein, FAIA, identifies major... More

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Here Come Big Tech and the Venture Capitalists

Entrepreneurs and investors are flocking to the building industry, determined to... More

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What's Next: Reprogramming Practice

In some sectors, disruption is so pervasive that it’s practically a cliché. Soon... More

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Bernstein on Betsky

Yale lecturer Phil Bernstein responds to Aaron Betsky’s “‘Architect’ Goes to Jail,... More

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The Technology to Master in Architecture in 2017

Nine leaders in digital practice and design name the existing tools that firms and... More


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