Robert Moses

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Gary Hustwit’s third documentary tackles the growth and future of the modern city. More

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You Dream of a Dictator

Where's Robert Moses? These days, it’s tempting to crave an all-powerful champion of design. But be careful what you wish for. More

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The Death and Life of Great American Cities

A new book examines the battles between Jane Jacobs and Robert Moses. More

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Cities XL From Monte Cristo

New massively multiplayer city-building game from Monte Cristo. More

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Hilary Ballon

The Columbia university architectural historian and curator of the exhibition “Robert Moses and the modern city” explains why the controversial planner deserves a reassessment. More

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An Indecisive Democracy

The history and impact of Moses' exploits are documented in Robert A. Caro's Pulitzer Prize–winning 1974 biography, The Power Broker, which has defined Moses as a Machiavellian villain for a generation. More

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