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Tomorrow’s Healthy Connected Community Means More Unplugging, Not Plugging In

Pocket Neighborhood author and community expert Ross Chapin shares his ideas on... More

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Build Small Live Large Conference, Portland, Ore.

The Cascadia Green Building Council and several partners will hold a one-day housing summit in Portland, Ore., in late October 2012. More

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danielson grove, kirkland, wash.

Ross Chapin Architects, Langley, Wash. This modest “pocket” development shows production housing in a whole new light. It marries “plan and design in a good way,” said one judge. “It's not just about the appearance of architecture—it's about culture.” More

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biltmore colony, palm springs, calif.

Biltmore Colony's architecture is referential to Palm Springs, Calif.'s modernist history, but DesignARC Los Angeles infused the project with up-to-date models of land planning as well. More

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change agent

Chapin knows that the loose edges of towns, with their mind-numbing mazes of streets, cannot be improved simply by sending out talented architects. Innovative solutions must come from better planning. More

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