Scott Merrill

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Architect Maurice Culot to Receive the 2019 Richard Driehaus Prize

The Paris-based designer and theorist was recognized for his lifetime of... More

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Architect Scott Merrill Wins University of Notre Dame's 2016 Richard H. Driehaus Prize

The award recognizes living architects who have made significant contributions to... More

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cloning your practice

Michael Woodley, AIA, leads a double life. An avid ice hockey fan, he has season tickets to see the Colorado Avalanche in Denver and the Mighty Ducks in Anaheim, Calif. He's an active member of the AIA and the Building Industry Association in Orange Count More

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eye of the storm

Scott Merrill, AIA, knows something about storms. Toiling in hurricane alley while building out the New Urbanist communities of Seaside and now Windsor in Vero Beach, Fla, has cemented Merrill's practical side. His first design objective is to protect the occupants of his houses and secure their investment in them. Read on to find out how Merrill, Pastor & Colgan are rethinking our best-loved houses. More

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the man in the machine

I admit I provoked our cover guy, Scott Merrill (“Eye of the Storm”), to talk about the divide between modern and traditional architects. At this point in his career, he really couldn't care less about the anachronistic debate that still consumes others in the profession. He's much more interested in doing the best work he can, without reductive labels. More



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