Richard Meier
Thomas Frey Richard Meier

Following published accusations of sexual harassment by architect Richard Meier, FAIA, ARCHITECT reached out to the American Institute of Architects (AIA)—of which Meier is a member—for comment. The following statement was emailed to ARCHITECT, attributed to 2018 AIA president Carl Elefante, FAIA:

“AIA stands by a set of values that guide us as a profession and a Code of Ethics that define standards of behavior for our members. Sexual harassment is not only illegal, it flies in the face of our values and ethics,” said Carl Elefante, FAIA, 2018 President of The American Institute of Architects. “We are deeply troubled by these allegations, and believe that sexual harassment—in any form and in any workplace—should not be tolerated and must be addressed swiftly and forcefully.”

“Several years ago, AIA embarked on a multi-year process to understand and address the equity and diversity issues in our profession. In 2014, AIA adopted a sexual harassment policy for all AIA leadership and staff, and is committed to extending it to all AIA components, members and their firms.”