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Philip Johnson's Wiley Speculative House For Sale in Connecticut

A 1954 house designed by Philip Johnson hits the market. More

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Across the Institute: Corpus Christi, Darmstadt, New Orleans, New Haven, Geneva

Corpus Christi, Darmstadt, New Orleans, New Haven, Geneva. More

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Timothy Rohan's Paul Rudolph Monograph Tackles Brutalism

A new Paul Rudolph monograph offers a fresh take on the architect’s concrete... More

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Edward P. Evans Hall, Designed by Foster + Partners

Norman Foster studied under Paul Rudolph at Yale, but his School of Management... More

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The Yale Health Center, Designed by Mack Scogin Merrill Elam Architects

Mack Scogin and Merrill Elam of Atlanta discuss their new health services building... More

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Night and Day at the Museum

A complex restoration combining daylight, halogen, and LED strategies sheds new... More

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The Problems with Modernizing Old Museums

The awkward moments in the renovations at the Yale University Art Gallery and... More

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Bridge House, Kent, Conn.

Inspired by a wood-covered bridge spanning the nearby falls, this house springs... More

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SANAA Designs 'River' Building for Grace Farms Foundation

A meandering series of pavilions under a single roof will aim to blend into the... More

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Peter Eisenman Re-examines Andrea Palladio's Work

Contrary to what's accepted about Renaissance architect Andrea Palladio's villas—that they are ideal in form, stable in their part-to-whole ratios—architect Peter Eisenman proposes that their components had become unrecognizable by the end of Palladio's career. More


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