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Boise City Council Picks Safdie Architects for its New Public Library

The new 150,000-square-foot facility is expected to be completed in 2021. More

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Using Our Highways to Harvest Solar Energy

Solar Roadways are a photovoltaic prototype that can serve as roadway and parking... More

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Utilities Try Time-of-Day Rates to Curb Costs … and Use?

Offering rate options benefits the grid and the customer. More

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For What It's Worth

During appraisals, Idaho builder advocates for full value of green construction. More

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Case Study: Idaho Builder’s Green Cottage Stands Out in Recession

Small company enhances its brand by building its first green house, rated NGBS-Silver, on spec. More

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Going Underground

Below the Earth’s surface, the temperature remains constant. Geothermal heat pumps harness that energy for efficient heating and cooling. More

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Healthiest Housing Markets for 2011

The BUILDER Market Health Index points to much better prospects for 2011. More

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FSC-Certified Engineered Wood From Boise Cascade

Boise Cascade. The manufacturer now offers FSC chain-of-custody certification for its engineered wood products, which already were SFI certified. Available products include BCI joists with Versa-Lam LVL flanges, Versa-Stud LVL framing lumber, and Versa-Rim rimboards. Also available are AllJoist products, including the new deep-joist AJS 30, which has 3?1/2-inch-wide flanges in 18-, 20-, 22-, or 24-inch depths. 208.384.6161. More

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To Market, To Market

For the design and construction professionals involved in the development of the country's first all-LED supermarket—Star Market's Chestnut Hill, Mass., location—it was like a trip into the unknown. But the results have paid off by creating a contemporary shopping-market experience. More

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