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Transformer Loft, New York

This small studio apartment in New York lives large thanks to built-in storage. More

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Ventilation Fan With Temperature and Humidity Sensor From Panasonic

Panasonic. The WhisperControl humidity and temperature sensor anticipates condensation and automatically turns on the Panasonic ventilation fan. Unlike traditional sensors, which turn fans on in response to a rapid rise in humid air and therefore could cause them to switch on unnecessarily in certain climate zones, the maker says, this wall-mounted unit detects hot air and humidity based on dew point. The two models—the FV-WCCS1 and the FV-WCCS2—feature a blue LED light and a manual on/off switch and come in white or almond; the FV-WCCS2 also includes a manual on/off light switch. 800.211.7262. More

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WattStopper's LMUC-100 Is A Digital Ultrasonic Occupancy Sensor

Part of the company's Digital Lighting Management suite of products, LMUC-100 mounts to the ceiling for 360-degree coverage More

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Energy Harvester Eliminates Battery Need

The PMG37 vibration energy harvester from Perpetuum Ltd. converts unused mechanical vibration into electrical energy to power wireless sensor systems used to monitor critical systems. More

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Sensor Technology From EnOcean

EnOcean wireless technology can generate a strong signal from a small amount of energy to power sensor technology for occupancy sensors and lights. More

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