Artificial Intelligence

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Emerging Tech Meets Old-World Tradition With Generative AI-Designed Sink

This elegant AI-designed copper sink, which debuts at the Kitchen and Bath Show,... More

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The Future of Generative AI for AEC Firms

A compelling new research report from Cornell Tech highlights the implications of... More

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AI's Next Conquest? Supply Chain Management

"The dramatic growth of AI-powered supply chain management offerings suggests that... More

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These Quilted Designs Are Realized With AI

Working with Midjourney, Curry J. Hackett conjured photorealistic worlds that... More

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Materials Science Is Starting to Reap the Benefits of AI

"Scientists have begun exploring the use of artificial intelligence tools to... More

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Five Material Technology Trends To Watch in 2023

Blaine Brownell spotlights innovations in concrete, solar power, designing with... More

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The Voyage Continues: Designers Use Midjourney to Reimagine Capri

Aaron Betsky on leading a speculative design workshop to dream up a future form of... More

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The Voyage Begins: Using Midjourney in Architecture

Aaron Betsky on artificial intelligence-driven software and the game-changing work... More

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Autodesk Acquires Generative Design Platform Spacemaker

The software developer is purchasing the 4-year-old Norwegian startup, which uses... More

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Jenny Sabin Studio's "Ada" Embeds AI in Architecture at Microsoft

Named for the polymath Ada Lovelace, the two-story pavilion at the tech company's... More


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