Building Codes

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Code Override: States and Cities Press Ahead on Efficiency Standards

On the energy front, all may not be lost with the Trump administration's... More

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Community, Environment, Resiliency

Can you build an exceptionally sustainable office center at market rate? This... More

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Resilient by Design

Homes designed for passive survivability stay comfortable when the power goes out. More

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This Week in Tech: Dubai Plans to Become the World's 3D Printing Leader

Plus, the use of wastewater to build batteries, concrete's potential in storing... More

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Building Code Review Software: Feasible or Far-Fetched?

Automating the laborious and often maligned process may save time and resources,... More

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Economical Fire Safe Building Design

Fire retardant treated wood offers effectiveness and value. More

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Infill Redevelopment, a Long Game Perfect for Architects

Turning around the abundance of vacant buildings and lots into thriving sites... More

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Wood: Reinventing Multifamily Style and Constructability

MOTO Apartments is a master class in Type V podium ingenuity delivered on a tight... More

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Getting Better with Age: Design for Senior and Assisted Living Facilities

The imminent surge of Americans who will be entering facilities that provide... More

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6 Fire Containment Myths

Bust these misconceptions for a balanced safety strategy. More



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