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Housing's Katerra Problem

Get a glimpse at how the WeWork Wall Street stumble could derail much needed... More

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Top 50 Housing Innovations That Matter In 2019 And Beyond

Zero in and vote here on the 50 most transformative, influential, impactful... More

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Signify Acquires Cooper Lighting Solutions for $1.4 Billion

The company formerly known as Philips Lighting hopes to strengthen its position in... More

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Plumen Reinvents Itself

Along with a new focus on smart lighting, the lighting company is currently up for... More

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Regulation Chokes Innovation: Myth or Reality?

Builders can leverage productivity and improved buildings to cause regulators to... More

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Downturn Ahead? If You're a Big Builder, Here's What to Do

As economic headwinds get gusty, and the markets get choppy, some builders are... More

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From Apple to Zillow: The Human Factor in Self-Disruptive Business Transformation

For builders, developers, and investors, pain in the home-buying, homeownership,... More

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If You're Thinking "This Time's No Different Than Ever," Think Again

Any five-year plan worth making needs to build in a new view of which values... More

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