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The Rebound

As we emerge from the worst economy in decades, architects are putting their rebuilding strategies in place. More

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USGBC: LEED Isn't Perfect, But Is Improving

The USGBC repsponds to USA Today's article critiquing LEED, asserting that "LEED isn't perfect, but it is always improving" and "the costs of individual LEED credits are irrelevant because the market learns to deliver green buildings at little to no added cost." More

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Water Resource Depletion Will Become Limiting Factor for Growth

We’d better manage the water we have if we want to accommodate future growth and prevent price increases. More

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The Value of Efficiency

Dutch economist and sustainable-property research expert Nils Kok explains some findings of his research into the market value of green buildings. More

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SAVE Act Addresses Green Finance and Appraisals

Analysis shows that legislation could increase market transformation by 2% in 2013 and create 25% sustained levels by 2020. More

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Finding the Finances for Renewables

A white paper from the Institute for Building Efficiency explores financing models for energy efficiency and renewable energy in existing buildings. More

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Health & Welfare Building and Labor & Industry Building, Harrisburg, Pa.

Two buildings in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania’s state capital, Harrisburg, have been improved to achieve an expected 30 percent energy reduction throughout the combined 750,000 square feet (69675 m2) of the buildings. More

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Residential Roofing is Going Green by Recycling Shingles

Recently, a prospective customer of American Custom Contractors, in Rockville, Md., wanted to know if the company would recycle the shingles torn from her roof rather than send them to the landfill. More

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