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EPA Finalizes Ban on Deadly Chemical in Paint Removers

The agency issued a rule prohibiting the manufacture, processing, and distribution... More

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The Legacy of Scott Pruitt on the EPA and the Environment

Though he held office for less than two years, Pruitt set a precedent for... More

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Honorable Mention: Precautionary List, a User-Friendly Guide to Green

As part of Perkins+Will's effort to make the construction process more transparent... More

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The EPA is Rolling Back Regulations on Potentially Harmful Chemicals

The Environmental Protection Agency announced it will fast-track approval for new... More

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Perkins+Will Warns on the Dangers of Antimicrobial Building Products Marketed as Healthy

UPDATE: Comments from American Chemistry Council and white paper co-author Suzanne... More

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Environmentally-Friendly Coolant Raises Flammability Concerns

HFO-1234yf is a potential replacement for HFCs – but detractors worry about its... More

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A Redesign of EPA's Safer Product Label

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has released four prospective designs for a new DfE Safer Product Label. You can comment on the EPA's press release to vote for you favorite choice until October 31st. More

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Vision 2020: Energy and Indoor Air Quality Go Hand in Hand

To avoid significant health or comfort issues, energy use and IAQ must have equal priority in building design and operation. More

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Vision 2020: Transparency is Just the Beginning

Advances in green chemistry and the relationship between design professionals and building product manufacturers will revolutionize the way we think about products and materials. More

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Researchers Harvest More Solar Energy with a Sponge

Scientists at the Washington University in St. Louis and other collaborating institutions have developed a protein ring to leverage the wavelengths of light that plants ignore. More


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