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Inside Yinka Ilori's Colorful World

The artist and designer's Yinka Ilori Studio in London, done in collaboration with... More

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Hija de Tigre

Taller Ken More

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IES Announces 2019 Educational Webinars

Topics cover key lighting issues such as Color, Circadian Metrics, Flicker & Glare... More

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Liz West’s Latest Installation “Colour Transfer” Opens in London

The installation is the artist’s latest exploration of color and light. More

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A Rainbow of Invention

With “Saturated: The Allure and Science of Color,” the Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian... More

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Carpenter|Lowings Explores the Dynamic Qualities of Daylight for an Installation titled “Folded Light.”

An unlikely location–the narrow airshaft of a speculative office building in... More

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Three New Color-Tuning Modules for Lighting Design

These lighting solutions adjust color temperature and set the mood no matter the... More

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Rand Elliott on color, light, place, and being human.

A profile of the Oklahoma architect and his work. More

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Color Saturation

If color-changing capabilities are incorporated into every design, are we diluting... More

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Rethinking Exposure to Saturated Colored Light

Doses of red and blue light can be a means of increasing daytime alertness and... More


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