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Down Payment Assistance, Social Impact Services Amp Up Battles in War on Affordability Crisis

Ivory Prize finalists put capital into action to unleash housing access for... More

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Where Are Homeownership Rates Going?

The 10-year scenarios for households that own their homes range from 10.2 million... More

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Downturn Ahead? If You're a Big Builder, Here's What to Do

As economic headwinds get gusty, and the markets get choppy, some builders are... More

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From Apple to Zillow: The Human Factor in Self-Disruptive Business Transformation

For builders, developers, and investors, pain in the home-buying, homeownership,... More

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Visualized Solutions to the Housing Crisis

Building a data dashboard that shows what it takes to make progress on greater... More

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Here's Two of the Top 10 Innovators on Housing Affordability for 2019

Ivory Prize for Housing Affordability finalists spotlight real action, high... More

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Beyond 55+: What Happens When More of Us Live Healthier Lives to Age 100?

The next decade will require development, design, and solutions for multiple life... More

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Rent Control's False Promise, And Why Local Politicians Buy Into It

Regulatory and policy overreach are challenges that both multifamily and... More

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