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Wells Fargo 2019 Construction Industry Forecast

For the eight consecutive year, industry executives say they feel optimistic about... More

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A Message to Master Planners: Fun Matters

Attitude of Latitude Margaritaville is that "good times" are a big business idea... More

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[Not] The Last Word on Millennials: A Moment of Truth For 2019

This year will determine whether "pent-up" young adult demand will remain pent-up,... More

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Construction Input Price Declines Carry into 2019

Prices have declined for three consecutive months and in four of the previous six... More

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What's Holding Back 55+ New Home Buyers in Today's Marketplace?

The dream, the motivators, and the means create an entirely different journey map... More

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Debt and Data: How to Navigate Student Loan Loads and Find Millennials Ready to Buy

Within each negative headline and macro data downer lies opportunity for the few... More

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PCA: Economy Remains Strong; Economic, Construction Activity to Soften in Coming Years

Ed Sullivan, Senior Vice President and Chief Economist for the Portland Cement... More

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The New Versus Resales Gap: Which Way Will It Go in 2019?

Competition quickly shifts from outmaneuvering other home builders to trench... More

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Be the Best or Like the Rest: Why Indoor-Outdoor Living Works in Colder Climates

Toll Brothers sees 20% of its buyers opting for indoor-outdoor living, well beyond... More

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