Construction Waste Recycling

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The Art of Salvage

Blaine Brownell on the growing trend of using construction and demolition waste to... More

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Award: Drywall Waste Block, a Green CMU

Washington State University's Taiji Miyasaka and David Drake develop a simple way... More

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Altrock by Robin Grasby

Handmade partly from reclaimed marble byproducts, this terrazzo-style solid... More

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Sustainable Products from Greenbuild 2018

Seven standouts from the international conference and expo, held Nov. 14–16 in... More

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Letter From Tokyo

As a killer storm approaches Japan, lessons learned on building technology that... More

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These Maps Show How Much of the U.S. is Covered in Landfills

The average American throws out 4.4 pounds of trash a day. And then we put it in a... More

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Lego Houses Made from Waste Plastic House The Homeless

This house might look like it’s made from bricks and mortar, but it’s actually... More

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Repairing Roads With Recycled Shingles

A small town in New Mexico is getting road repairs, thanks to a 60-ton gift from a... More

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A Wooden Crown Pavilion Made From Construction Waste

A French architecture company experiments on reused building materials to build a... More

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Site Visit: R+D Award Winner Afterhouse is Revitalizing Detroit One Lot at a Time

ARCHITECT checks out Archolab’s initiative to convert unsalvageable homes into productive urban greenhouses. More


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