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Architectural Lighting: Catch Up On Controls

A sampling of the latest lighting control devices for indoor and outdoor projects... More

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The Real Barrier to Delivering Internet-of-Things (IoT) Services in Lighting Controls

IoT has potential to connect 28 billion “things” More

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Tech Trends: Color Tunability Joins Manufacturers' Product Offering

Manufacturers are investing in the development of tunable white and color... More

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2015 Products Issue: Nine Leading Lighting Controls

These interfaces manage more than just light across a range of applications. More

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Tech Trends: Solid-State Lighting Technology Adds New Functions to LED Luminaires

Integrating cameras, sensors, and more into luminaires transforms lighting into an... More

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LEDs: Taking Control

The digital nature of solid-state lighting frees designers from wired connections. More

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New Lighting Control Products that Cover the Fundamentals of Illumination

Behind these subtle switch plates are systems that offer smooth dimming no matter... More

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Samsung Buys Smart-Home Controls Startup SmartThings

The deal, reportedly valued at $200 million, joins a recent spate of activity in... More

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Nest Leads the Launch of a New Internet Protocol for Home Automation

A group of seven manufacturers and developers has announced an open networking platform that addresses issues including interoperability and power requirements. More

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