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The New Geography Of Kids: Understand The Future Of Households With Children Or Else

As journey maps converge with heat-maps, how will home builders change their game... More

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Builders' Two Choices: Be Nervous or Take Action

Amid mixed signals, market opportunity may limit itself to the nimblest. More

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Housing's Best Hope For 2019: Reboot a New Class of Starter Homes

Modular-HUD Code hybrids, now under development at Clayton, and new mortgage... More

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Airbnb to Enter Home Design and Building Via New Backyard Division

$38 billion digital short-term rental service empire will soon be a player in the... More

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Here's 10 Ways Millennials Could Swing Housing Back Into Recovery

Young adults are locked and loaded to rescue the current rebound ... can builders... More

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As More "Rooted" Americans Stay Put, Adaptability Becomes a New Home Non-Negotiable

Mobility decline means new homes require "future-proof" systems and structure to... More

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The Post Married-Couple Household: A New Home Paradigm?

2018 brings a demographic tipping point—less than half of U.S. households are... More

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Tears for Sears

What do we learn from the financial demise of one of America's—and once,... More

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Here's Zillow's Top 10 Take-Aways on New Home Buyer Trends

In a cost-obsessed home selling environment, value matters more and more. More

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Where 55-Plus Living Goes Next

Hint: the operative term here, "for economic reasons," applies as a new market for... More



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