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Young Renters Embrace Community and Green Features

Grubb Properties’ second annual survey takes the pulse of Gen Z and millennial... More

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Ali Wolf: Gen X Continues to Play Key Role in Housing Market

Zonda's economic team examines why this demographic has strong buying power and... More

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Ali Wolf: Baby Boomers Remain Vital to the Housing Market

Zonda's economics team examines housing demand in relation to three top... More

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The Pursuit and Promise of Equity in Architecture

For Black architects, this is a moment of energy, hope, and caution. Will change... More

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Where Are Homeownership Rates Going?

The 10-year scenarios for households that own their homes range from 10.2 million... More

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Millennials Want to Move to These Metros and Here's Why

A heat-map of magnets for young adult movers with commentary on what's motivating... More

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Profile: First-Time Millennial Home Buyers

Northshore Fireplace sheds light on a key demographic in a series of infographics. More

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Boomers In Debt: Houston Leads Nation

Auto loans comprise the biggest section of boomer debt, credit cards represented... More

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Homeownership Highest Among Low-Income Families in Lowest-Cost Markets

Minneapolis, Pittsburgh and St. Louis are where ownership is highest. More

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