Energy Efficient

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10 Transformative Principles for a Sustainable World

The founder of Architecture 2030 on navigating the climate crisis with strategic... More

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Why Architecture Critics Must Ask about Embodied Energy

When designers try to spin their projects as sustainable, journalists should dig... More

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Challenging Design to Respect Minds and Bodies

SOM focuses on health, well-being in design of 2018 MFE Concept Community. More

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This Week in Tech: Cloud-Based Software Enables Architects to Collaborate Virtually on Projects

Plus, Washington, D.C., might run entirely on renewable energy by 2032, an... More

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ZERO Code: How to Build a Carbon-Neutral Future

New code establishes first global standards for zero-net-carbon construction. More

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This Week in Tech: California to Require Solar Systems for New Homes After 2020

Plus, Autodesk debuts a giant digital model of the Eiffel Tower site for its... More

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Tesla is Helping South Australia Build the World's Largest Virtual Power Plant

Over the next four years, 50,000 households will be equipped with solar panels and... More

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Record Number of Homes Received HERS Rating in 2017

The number of homes rated by RESNET’s Home Energy Rating System increased 10... More

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