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Millennials Want to Move to These Metros and Here's Why

A heat-map of magnets for young adult movers with commentary on what's motivating... More

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Entry-Level Homes Getting More Affordable, and Plentiful

The typical entry-level home is worth $130,200, up 9.2% from a year ago, the... More

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Here's Where to Pivot to Hotter Markets and Why Some Builders Won't Be Able to Do So

Managing the shift to land and operations that cost less and sell more takes a... More

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Down Payment Myths Hamper Young Buyers

Financing misconceptions discourage many would-be first-time buyers. Make sure... More

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Check Out the "Why" Among Millennial Buyers, and Where that Has Them Moving

Zelman heat maps household-forming young adult state magnets here. More

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Here's Why Warren Buffett's 2019 Letter to Shareholders Matters for Home Building Now

Berkshire Hathaway chairman's tell-it-like-it-is view of big-time investment... More

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[Not] The Last Word on Millennials: A Moment of Truth For 2019

This year will determine whether "pent-up" young adult demand will remain pent-up,... More

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Debt and Data: How to Navigate Student Loan Loads and Find Millennials Ready to Buy

Within each negative headline and macro data downer lies opportunity for the few... More

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The New Geography Of Kids: Understand The Future Of Households With Children Or Else

As journey maps converge with heat-maps, how will home builders change their game... More

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Builders' Two Choices: Be Nervous or Take Action

Amid mixed signals, market opportunity may limit itself to the nimblest. More


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