Gamechangers 2022

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Meet ARCHITECT's Game Changers

Here are 12 visionary people, organizations, and ideas reshaping architecture and... More

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TreesAI Shows Communities How to Maintain and Grow Their Urban Forests

The startup, founded by the Amsterdam-headquartered, not-for-profit Dark Matter... More

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Youssef Nassef Wants to Lead Us Down the Path to Permanent Resilience

In his editorial for our Game Changers Issue, editor-in-chief Paul Makovsky... More

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With This Knit-Casting Process, Concrete Leans Sartorial and Minimizes Production Waste

Tsz Yan Ng, Sean Ahlquist, and Evgueni Filipov are harnessing CNC-manufactured... More

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Segregation by Design Examines Systemic Racism in American Cities

Founded by the New York architectural designer Adam Paul Susaneck, the website... More

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In Tuskegee and Pennsylvania, Educators Lead the Next Generation of Architectural Preservation

Leaders from Tuskegee University’s Department of Architecture and University of... More

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This Nonprofit Uses Schools to Anchor Mixed-Use, Income-Diverse Community Development

Helmed by Nora Jendoubi and Derwin Sisnett, Memphis, Tenn.–based Maslow... More

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Laurian Ghinițoiu Offers a Fresh Approach to Photographing the Built Environment

The photographer focuses on its social, political, and physical contexts. More

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Nupur Chaudhury Imagines Public Health as a Matter of the Built Environment

Working alongside Dark Matter University, the urbanist and health-equity expert... More

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