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Highlights from the Newly Released Vectorworks 2020

The global software developer introduces several improvements to Vectorworks... More

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Citation: Radical Railbanking

McLain Clutter, director of the design and research practice Master of None,... More

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How Five Cities Improved Their Water Supply at the Source

The Urban Water Blueprint by the The Nature Conservancy maps major cities’ watersheds to illustrate how cities can sustainably access water and ultimately save millions. More

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How Big Data Will Change the Way You Eat

Big data could break down daily food consumption, calculate calorie intake and inform refrigerator restocking. More

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New U.S. Census Bureau Interactive Map Could Inform Design Projects

A new map quickly illustrates demographic and housing data, shedding light on what to build and where. More

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Green Design Gets Practical

So much for our nation's red and blues recent past. America is turning green, and the change is only partly related to politics. If you looked at a time-release map of the United States over the past five years, you would see the color seeping across the country, as environmentally-friendly building has become more desirable and more doable—no longer a buzzword but the bedrock of sound design and construction. More


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