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AIA Calls on Congress for Building Resilience Funding

In a letter, The American Institute of Architects requested that the U.S. Congress... More

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Biden Administration Overturns Executive Order Mandating a Federal Architecture Style

The American Institute of Architects applauds the administration's choice to... More

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AIA Lobbies Congress to Secure $300 Billion for Climate Action and Resilient Design

More than 600 AIA members attended upwards of 300 virtual meetings with... More

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AIA Praises the U.S. for Rejoining the Paris Agreement

The Institute expressed its support for the Biden administration's "swift and... More

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AIA Opposes Executive Order Dictating a Classical Preference for Federal Architecture

The Institute will work with President-Elect Joe Biden to reverse the order once... More

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AIA Inaugurates Peter Exley as 2021 President

The Chicago-based co-founder and director of Architecture Is Fun will become 97th... More

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AIA Commends Climate Initiatives in Proposed Legislation

The proposed Clean Economy Jobs and Innovation Act from the U.S. House Committee... More

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AIA Condemns Classical Style Mandate for Florida Courthouse

The Institute believes that the U.S. General Services Administration’s requirement... More

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AIA Opposes HUD Rollback of Fair Housing Policies

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development recently announced that it... More

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