Health and Fitness

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Designing the Healthiest Possible Buildings

A newly updated book on designing for health gives practitioners the tools they need. More

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How is Monkeypox Behaving in the Built Environment?

Virus transmission depends on interactions between surfaces and environmental... More

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Paradigm, Interrupted

How a shift in attitudes about mental health is changing not only how we design... More

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Consider the Porch

Blaine Brownell reviews Charlie Hailey’s new book, exploring how the building... More

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Products and Tech to Watch in 2022

Blaine Brownell examines recent innovations in architecture and allied fields that... More

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Plastic Shields Won’t Save Us

In a pandemic, Blaine Brownell finds that the barriers that are now so ubiquitous... More

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Architecture in Unusual Times

Architects will be able to look back on their response to COVID-19 with pride.... More

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COVID-19 Should Change Us

September 11 changed the world, and not necessarily for the better. This time, as... More


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