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Lighting: Improving Wellness and Productivity at Home

Read what tips and products lighting designers recommend to keep remote offices... More

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The Acoustic Challenge of the Post-COVID 19 Office

Blaine Brownell on how architects should redesign the workspace with sound as a... More

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Guide to Remote Work and Team Management During—and After—COVID-19

Architects are rapidly adapting their workflows to the new normal. This guide sets... More

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Case Room

Geoffrey von Oeyen Design More

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The Melting Pot of Work and Living Space

Now, “step into my office” can mean a lot of things. As the business world changes... More

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Deltec's Hurricane-Proof Homes Weather the Storm

5,000 Deltec Homes have been built in the past 50 years, and not one has been lost... More

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A Multi-Purpose Table Designed for Small Spaces

The ultimate way to maximize the functions of you kitchen table, for you and more. More

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A Tiny Home Office on Wheels

This project by Belgian designers allows you move your home office wherever you want. More

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Eight Products That Make the Office Home

Or feel like it, anyway. These tables, chairs, and other furnishings bring comfort... More

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