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#ArchitectChats: Drones in Architecture

Read a recap of our weekly Twitter chat, which explored the use of unmanned aerial... More

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Four Designers Share Their Go-To Hardware

Flashy software and apps would be nothing without the workhorse equipment that... More

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Portable Solar Generator From SolSolutions

SolSolutions. The standard SolMan generator runs small handheld power tools and small power tools, such as a circular saw, while the SolMan Deluxe lithium model is more robust and can run a worm drive, air compressors, and drills. The models work for small sites, but not for crews running multiple tools, the maker says. They can be designed for up to 1,200 watts of output power. 800.828.2965. More

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Solar-Powered Jobsite Generator From Mobile Solar Systems

Mobile Solar Systems. MS 100 solar-powered jobsite generators range from 9 kWh to 18 kWh of battery storage capacity, 0.95 kWh to 4.68 kWh production per day, and 1.1 kW to 3.5 kW of output power. The Wells Cargo trailers can be towed behind most four- or six-cylinder vehicles, and the products can include AC input or diesel and gasoline generator charging capability. 805.466.1006. More

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Green Trailer

An eco-friendly makeover will ensure the Green Trailer consumes a fraction of the energy of a typical construction-site trailer while providing a more pleasant user experience. More


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