Licensing and Certification

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AIA Applauds NCARB "Rolling Clock" Elimination

The American Institute of Architects is also asking individuals impacted by the... More

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NCARB Ends 'Rolling Clock Policy' for ARE Scores

The National Council of Architectural Registration Boards will introduce "a new... More

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A Solid Place to Stand

To change the world, we need to open the profession. More

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NCARB Reaffirms Commitment to Paid Architecture Internships

The National Council of Architectural Registration Boards finds the practice of... More

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A Closer Look at NCARB's ARE Demographic Study

The 2021 "By the Numbers" report includes a new section on pass rate demographics,... More

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John Cary and Casius Pealer: Architecture Needs a Three-Year Internship

The founders of ArchVoices respond to NCARB's proposal for a four-year accredited... More

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NCARB to Launch Online Option for the Architect Registration Examination

The council accelerated the development of the online option in light of the COVID... More

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