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Where Natural Disaster Is Least Likely

Providence, Detroit, and Hartford top Redfin's list of safest metros from fires,... More

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Where Are Homeownership Rates Going?

The 10-year scenarios for households that own their homes range from 10.2 million... More

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Millennials Want to Move to These Metros and Here's Why

A heat-map of magnets for young adult movers with commentary on what's motivating... More

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Here's Where to Pivot to Hotter Markets and Why Some Builders Won't Be Able to Do So

Managing the shift to land and operations that cost less and sell more takes a... More

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Rent Control's False Promise, And Why Local Politicians Buy Into It

Regulatory and policy overreach are challenges that both multifamily and... More

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Check Out the "Why" Among Millennial Buyers, and Where that Has Them Moving

Zelman heat maps household-forming young adult state magnets here. More

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HQ Adieu: Amazon Will Take Its Business Everywhere Else

What builders can learn from the one of the world's most famous instances of... More

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What's Holding Back 55+ New Home Buyers in Today's Marketplace?

The dream, the motivators, and the means create an entirely different journey map... More

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The Hottest Affordable Neighborhoods of 2019

Redfin finds the places where homes can be had for the national median price. More

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