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Q+A: 'The Statue' Takes Listeners Inside How We Memorialize

Hosted by Monument Lab co-founder and director Paul Farber, the podcast series... More

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One of the Most Significant Memorials on the Planet

Blaine Brownell visits the Legacy Museum and National Memorial for Peace and... More

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Iryna Volynets: Now Is the Time to Envision Rebuilding Ukraine

Ukraine needs a new visionary strategy to rebuild cities and communities, and heal... More

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The Importance of Remembering Sept. 11

Los Angeles–based architect Paul Murdoch reflects on what the Shanksville, Pa.,... More

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An Opportunity Missed in Orlando

Aaron Betsky on the disappointing results of the Pulse Memorial competition. More

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The Invasion of Memory: Hitler’s Attempt to Rewrite the History of World War I

Architectural historian Despina Stratigakos discovers evidence of a political act... More

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Shortlist Concepts for the National Pulse Memorial & Museum on Display in Orlando

The public can comment on the six designs until a winner is selected on Oct. 30. More

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Q+A: Arup's Elizabeth Valmont on the Tower of Voices 9/11 Memorial Chimes

Commemorated ahead of the 17th anniversary of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, the... More

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