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Permapave Permeable Paver From Permapave Industries LLC

Permapave Industries LLC’s Permapave Permeable Pavers are natural-stone pavers that eliminate 100 percent of gross pollutants from waterways. More

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Permeable Pavers From Boral Bricks

The company’s new permeable pavers allow water to drain through the surface, reducing runoff. The 4-inch-by-8-inch pavers are notched every 3 inches around their perimeter to create six rectangular voids that mate together to form a 1-inch-by-7/8-inch opening and a 12% void area per square foot. Nine standard colors are available. 800.526.7255. More

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Permeable Brick Pavers by Pine Hall Brick

The manufacturer’s permeable brick pavers enable storm water to filter into the soil instead of draining into streams and rivers, and satisfy state and local storm-water management requirements, the maker says. The company says its pavers are easier to install than some because there are only slight variations in size. The clay brick pavers are the same color throughout, so they never fade, the firm says, and once in place, they will last more than a century. 800.334.8689. More

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Permeable Pavers by Belgard

The company’s permeable pavers are made of concrete and separated by joints filled with small stones. Water enters the joints between the pavers and filters through crushed stone layers; the water, minus the filtered-out pollutants, is absorbed into the soil. The pavers can be used for patios, driveways, walkways, pools, and other areas. The manufacturer says its pavers, including Subterra stone (pictured), allow for modular and random installation to create random patterns that look like natural cobblestones. The product comes in multiple shapes, colors, and patterns. 800.899.8455. More

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street smart

Sophisticated landscaping techniques will also turn the streets into stormwater-management tools. More

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Smart Steps to Water-Conserving Landscaping

Smart steps to water-conserving landscapes. More

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Permeable Clay Pavers

RainPave permeable clay pavers allow water to filter down into the soil and dissipate rather than run off into storm drains. The pavers reduce the property’s impervious surface footprint and allow for a larger house footprint, the firm says. The rumbled pavers offer the look of traditional antique clay pavers. 800.334.8689. More

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