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Portmeirion: A Good Prison of Architecture

Aaron Betsky visits the Postmodernist "theme park" of a village on the north coast... More

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Liberate the Poche

In 'Reality Modeled After Images,' Michael Young re-reads architectural traditions... More

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When Modernism Was Zippy

Aaron Betsky returns to his former home at the "Hollywood Riviera," the iconic... More

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The Flip-Itecture Manifesto

Aaron Betsky examines the architectural screed of Ben Pennell and the trend of... More

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What Will be the New Normal in Architecture?

Columnist Aaron Betsky explores how the pandemic, and endemic, is fueling an... More

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The Postmodern Power of "Nest"

A new book revisits the short-lived but transgressive magazine launched in the... More

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Remembering Charles Jencks

Aaron Betsky on the late theorist and designer, who believed that the message was... More



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